Album Review: Dreamers by Nancy Newlis

Album Name: Dreamers
Artist: Nancy Newlis
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Nancy Newlis releases a brief, but very likeable ep with this record. Her vocals are smoky and perfectly suited for the jazzy songs. She plays the piano well too, and that’s a plus.

Social Standing is about just that to a sweet tune, Newlis’ vocal has a Fiona Apple-like tint to it here.

What is it? is soft and sees Newlis voice sounding intriguingly like Jeff Buckley. She really is something special and that shows here.

The closing Good Morning Heartache is not a cover, and really is a cool song. The tempo is higher and it suits her. It’s an apt closer for this lovely ep.

Track Listing
1. Dreamers
2. Social Standing
3. Mistakes
4. What is it?
5. Dear Friend
6. Good Morning, Heartache

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