Album Review: Eleven. Revert and Return by Midas Fall

Album Name: Eleven. Revert and Return
Artist: Midas Fall
Year/Label: 2010 / Monotreme

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This one’s hard to write about. It’s really very cool, I’m just not sure what to say about it. So I’ll start by just describing it. Kinda echoey dreamy pop, but harder than regular dreamy stuff. Maybe it’s more fuzzy than dreamy. Really nice though, I’ve been digging it for months.

Midas Fall are from Edinburgh, Scotland (one of my favorite places on earth). The female lead, Elizabeth Heaton has a wonderful voice. It’s soft and luscious, but can also wail and reach (and I mean that in a good way). Maybe a little like Bat for Lashes, or someone else I can’t quite place. Help me out!

My favorite tracks are Moviescreens, Nautical Song (I wish I were on a sailboat listening to this), and 17 (some lovely piano).

This is the kind of music one can fall into.

Here’s a video which will give you an idea:

Track Listing
01. MovieScreens
02. Century
03. Bright Lights Will Harm No-one
04. Nautical Song
05. My Radio Star
06. Half Horizon
07. War Pigeon
08. Fog Sky Nun
09. 17
10. Stalking Moon

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