Album Review: Erase Them EP by Lucy Langlas

Album Name: Erase Them
Artist: Lucy Langlas
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

[Buy at her MySpace page]

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Lucy Langlas’ bio says that she was previously in a punk band with her sister. This is a far cry from punk. I also read that she was influenced by the Minneapolis jazz scene (I didn’t even know we had a ‘jazz scene’!). So it’s clear her influences are many.

I really like her sound. It’s very low-fi minimalist folk. Soft and pretty guitar and vocals. I want to turn it up! Her voice is one of those easy-going (seemingly) effortless sounding types. Perfect for the simple style of the songs; which are well written and melodically interesting.

Unfortunately, her website is a little misleading. When you go to the page it offers links to MySpace and an EPK. I visited several times before actually clicking on EPK because I assumed it would take me to Sonic Bids. It doesn’t. It goes to a page (which in my web designer mind should be the front page) that has links to other info about her.

Also the only way to buy this is through PayPal on her MySpace page (as opposed to being on CDBaby or the like). Which is too bad, because she’s really good! I just hope people will find her. I guess that’s what I am here for!

I am looking forward to hearing more from Ms Langlas.

Track Listing
1. It’s Your Time
2. Erase Them
3. Cali Song
4. Watts Towers

[Lucy Langlas Official Site]

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