Album Review: Factory of Days by Mary O’Harrison

Album Name: Factory of Days
Artist: Mary O’Harrison
Year/Label: 2008 / Two Sheds Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Mary O’Harrison was formerly in a band called Charm School, but this is her debut album as a solo artist.

There are parts of this album that I really like and songs I would have left off had I been the producer.
Let’s focus on the positive because that’s the mood I am in today.

Her voice: Sweet, almost girl-ish but not cloying, as some girly voices can be. It fits the music nicely.

Where is Charlotte Anne? Is one of the ones that stands out to me. It’s got an easy melody and good piano.

Way of Walking is an up tempo toe-tapper.

Last December is very pretty, it’s stopped me a couple of times now while in shuffle rotation. It’s probably my favorite. I like the use of minor notes. I also have a fondness for Orange Blossom.

Better Day has a nice melody. A little unexpected (as in, not predictable).

This is a sweet album. I don’t know why that word seems to fit, but for me it does. Maybe it’s her voice. But I like it.

Track Listing
1 Supper Song
2 Where Is Charlotte Anne?
3 Way of Walking
4 Last December
5 Surrender
6 Last of the First
7 We’re Not Alone
8 My Old Island
9 Orange Blossom
10 Better Day
11 Born Pretty
12 Dirt Garden

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[Mary O’Harrison on on MySpace]


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