Album Review: Fall of Spring by Lonely Drifter Karen

Album Name: Fall of Spring
Artist: Lonely Drifter Karen
Year/Label: 2010 / Crammed Discs

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This is a good one for me to post today since it’s my birthday, and I really like this one! It’s super cool.

Lonely Drifter Karen is Tanja Frinta, Marc Melia Sobrevias and Giorgio Menossi. I’m not quite sure how to classify this. It’s really kinda‚ĶI know I can’t say unique because something can’t be sort of unique it either is or it isn’t. And while I know I’ve not heard anything exactly like it before, maybe you have. They remind me of a few other artists depending on the song.

This consists of:
Female lead, sweet lilting voice.

Background swoopy vocals, psychedelic-ish. Includes whistling.

Catchy songwriting that creates amazing ear worms.

Some songs are poppy, some torchy, some dirgy.

Something’s Scorching is definitely a stand out. It’s spooky and swampy and cool.

From start to finish this one’s great. It is an exceptional album and one that’s soaring to the top of my list.

They’ve agreed to let me share a track with you too! [download A Roof Somewhere]

Track Listing
1. Dis-In-Motion
2. Show Your Colours
3. Russian Bells
4. Railroad
5. Ready to Fall
6. Something’s Scorching
7. A Roof Somewhere
8. Julien
9. Eventually
10. Side by Side
11. Wonderous Ways
12. Seeds
13. Seasonal Things

[Lonely Drifter Karen Official Site]

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