Album Review: Faulty Fairytales by Bourgeois Gypsies

BOURGEOIS GYPSIES: Faulty Fairytales

Album Name: Faulty Fairytales
Artist: Bourgeois Gypsies
Year/Label: 2009 / Kaian Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Arnold Mitchem met Kaisa Mac Donald and the Bourgeois Gypsies were born. This is their second on album of spirited Americana.

Unsquare Dance sees Mitchem take the lead for a very moving square dance experience. The addition of a violin really makes the song work.

“Can’t lose you” is a moving song with MacDonald’s siren-like vocal at the center. She and her band mate’s harmonies are tight and well sung. It’s very old-fashioned country.

Train Song is a spirited, fast-moving song with amazing lyrics. It’s a fine example of the bands’ dexterity.

Stayed out Late is sad and retains the mood of the album well. It’s one of the stronger songs, with Mitchem handling a gritty vocal lead well.

The album sounds like the work of a band who must be dynamite live, and on record they’re great too.

Track Listing
1. Falling
2. Unsquare Dance
3. Bluebirds
4. Can’t lose you
5. Cowgirl
6. Worry
7. Train song
8. Dry land
9. Downieville
10. Stayed out late
11. Bright

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