Album Review: Figure 8 by Julia Darling

Album Name: Figure 8
Artist: Julia Darling
Year/Label: 1999 / WEA/ Atlantic

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Upon first listen to this CD, none of the songs really jumped out and grabbed me.
But I did like her sound.

The second listen I felt I knew these songs already. They seemed to have more of an effect on me on the first listen than I thought. Especially the catchy “Bulletproof Belief” which her web-site says is The Single.

Julia was born in the small town of Plymouth, New Zealand. She later moved to Melbourne, Australia. She started out as a street musician, collecting enough money to pay the rent and eat. The rest of the story is one you’ve undoubtedly heard before. Street musician gets noticed by a record executive who introduces her to the “right” people and before you know it, she’s got a record deal with New York’s Wind-Up records. Her CD Figure 8 was released June 15, 1999.

Don’t expect just another “girl and a guitar” sound though. There is quite a bit of orchestration on this recording. Complete with cello, autoharp, electric guitar, piano and harp. It is a CD full of sound. There are a few songs that seem to go back to her street days sound, mostly “Closer Look and the hidden track “Lady Blue”. Her voice is what really shines though. She has a wonderful sound. She reminds me of Milla (Jovovich, the model-turned-songwriter-turned model).

“I write lyrics about myself and the people around me, focusing on our behavior and the consequences of our actions. As a listener I prefer words and ideas that provoke some sort of curiosity in me and so I try to write the same way.”

Posted on January 15, 2000

Track Listing
1. Overloading God
2. My Inanimate Friend
3. My Face
4. Bulletproof Belief
5. Grace
6. Bury You
7. 26/23
8. Crinolines And Waltzing
9. Soak Me
10. You
11. Closer Look

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