Album Review: Finding My Way by Vicki Logan

Album Name: Finding My Way
Artist: Vicki Logan
Year/Label: 2003 / Carvic, Inc.

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Review by Kathy Parsons

“Finding My Way” is a humble but very impressive collection of mostly original pieces by composer/keyboardist Vicki Logan. Most of the pieces are simple, but the heartfelt emotions and sincerity make this a very satisfying and enjoyable musical experience. Drawn to music from an early age, the opportunity for music lessons didn’t present itself, so Logan is primarily self-taught, making her compositions even more impressive.

The album opens with “Dreams of the Past,” a gentle piece with a simple melody that Logan embellishes with a variety of synth instruments and voices, bringing out the melancholy but hopeful mood of the piece – an excellent beginning! “Pegasus” is much more buoyant with an infectious rhythm and the feeling of “flying” down the beach on wonderful horse. On this track and several others, Logan is joined with other musicians rather than synth orchestration, and the fun of collaborating with other players is apparent. The title track is a lovely piece about part of life’s journey – searching and learning from mistakes and looking for new things along the way. Logan is joined by Randy Gildersleeve on acoustic guitar, Andy LaCasse on bass guitar, and Peter O’Gorman on percussion – another very successful and moving piece. The two cover pieces on the album are “All the Way to Heaven” by Melissa Ethridge and “Only Time” by Enya. For me, these are the weakest tracks. They’re nicely done, but Logan’s original pieces come across much stronger. “Enchanted Winds” is a romantic piece with a beautiful flute part by Linda Wadsworth and some nice guitar work by Randy Gildersleeve. Dreamy and flowing, this is my favorite track.

Vicki Logan is a relatively new artist to keep your eyes and ears on. She says she is not trying to compete with major artists or to break new musical ground, but she may end up doing both in the course of “finding her way.” Good stuff!

Posted on May 14, 2003

Track Listing
1. Dreams of the Past (Logan)
2. Pegasus (Logan)
3. Finding My Way (Logan)
4. All the Way to Heaven (Melissa Ethridge)
5. Only Time (Enya)
6. Before the Gates of Heaven (Logan)
7. My Mother’s Memories (Logan)
8. Grandma’s Music Box (Logan)
9. Enchanted Winds (Logan)
10. An Angel’s Lullaby

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