Album Review: Fingerprints by Britt Savage and Twang Deluxe

Album Name: Fingerprints

Artist: Britt Savage and Twang Deluxe

Year/Label: 2007 / Independent


We open with title track, Fingerprints, a sort of a James Bond film-esque instrumental number. It sets the mood quite nicely.

Many of the songs here remind me of old spy movies. Funny ones, like the Matt Helm series. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you must check them out. Much here is kind of fun rock-a-billy type stuff.

Her version of Secret Agent Man is great. Really fun.

Some of the other songs are a little more country than I prefer, such as Lonely Town. They are still good, but it’s perhaps not really my cup o tea.

Her lyrics are punchy, catchy, if somewhat expected.

While she has a decent voice, (as evident on Broken) she tends to scream at times and it’s not exactly pleasant. I’d say more tinny, screechy than I prefer.

So while the album as a whole has some issues for me, it’s a fun record and I think many will find something to love.

Oh and I wasn’t going to mention that she is a former Playboy bunny, but I guess I just did.

Track Listing

1 Fingerprints
2 Lookin Like I’m Gonna
3 This Town Can’t Keep A Secret
4 Last Flight To Vegas
5 Broken
6 Planet Of Love
7 Fearless
8 Secret Agent Man
9 Truce
10 Lonely Town
11 I Found Love

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