Album Review: Frustration Plantation by Rasputina

Album Name: Frustration Plantation
Artist: Rasputina
Year/Label: 2004 / Instinct Records

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Review by Sarah Bernardi

Meet Rasputina, one of the most unique and creative bands that I’ve come across. Often described as “Cello Rock”, Rasputina have been creating and building on their own unique sound for quite some time.

Their latest release, “Frustration Plantation” is nothing short of amazing. It’s 15 songs (stories) entertain and captivate the listener with Melora Creager’s excellent voice and honest storytelling. Both Melora Creager and Zoe Keating lend their cello talents beautifully to this album. Songs that stuck me and became fast favorites include “High On Life”, “The Mayor”, “Possum of The Grotto”, and “When I Was a Young Girl”. Frustration Plantation has been said to be a departure from their “Goth” sound in the past, whether or not that’s true, this is an excellent, varied album with many great songs.

Rasputina’s fans will be nothing but pleased, and for those unfamiliar with Rasputina’s musical legacy, “Frustration Plantation” is a great place to start.

Posted on July 15, 2004

Track Listing
1. Doomsday Averted
2. Secret Message
3. Possum of the Grotto
4. If Your Kisses Can’t Hold the Man You Love
5. The Mayor
6. When I Count…
7. High On Life
8. Wicked Dickie
9. My Captivity by Savages
10. Saline the Salt Lake Queen
11. Oh, Injury
12. When I Was A Young Girl
13. Momma Was An Opium-Smoker
14. November.17dee
15. Girls’ School

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Rating: 4 Stars
Comment: I thought this CD was amazing. I have Rasputina’s first CD, Thanks for the Ether, and although Frustration Plantation is of a different, toned down style, I love it all the same. The who concept behind the band, and especially the talent give those of rock, goth, and even symphony a happy medium with which all can agree.
name: Rogue on Sunday, November 14, 2004

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