Album Review: Full Measure by Silveroot

Album Name: Full Measure
Artist: Silveroot
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Silveroot’s music is Bluegrass and heavy on the fiddle as one might imagine.

The first song is instrumental and a nice way to open the record. Later, when the vocals come in they’re great too and a perfect match.

The melodies are interesting and appealing. The musicians are very talented both with their instruments and their voices. It actually sounds really good loud. It’s up-tempo and fun while still being relaxing. I like that.

The music is not for everyday fare for me personally, but it’s good. If I had more time to spend on this I bet it would grow on me even more. So much music, so little time.

Stand out Songs: No Revelation, Full Measure, Perpetual Motion

Track Listing
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1 Overland Road
2 Full Measure
3 Long Train
4 Ain’t the Man
5 Dream Reality
6 No Revelation
7 Passing Glances
8 Perpetual Motion
9 Pack It Up
10 Lifeline
11 Stickin’ With You

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