Album Review: Getalife by Olga Kouklaki

Album Name: Getalife
Artist: Olga Kouklaki
Year/Label: 2007 / The Perfect Kiss

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Olga Kouklaki became known when she sang with French rockers Poni Hoax. Her own solo debut is electro pop with a slight resemblance to acts like Ladytron and Client.

The title song shimmers with an instantly catchy groove and a nice lead vocal.

Be4 the Night Ends is a sinister, New Order-ish crawl of a song with a siren-like vocal.

Call Me Liar is comparatively dark and Kouklaki just mutters a few words as the music drones on.

Ballade is softer and sees her singing with real soul her debut is a fascinating and unusual record.

Track Listing
1. Getalife
2. How Do You Feel
3. Be4 the Night Ends
4. Melted Torch
5. Call Me Liar
6. Right Spot
7. Ballade
8. Her Own Right
9. Afissos
10. Calling You
11. Picking Up the Pieces

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