Album Review: Give and Take by Kim Char Meredith

Album Name: Give and Take
Artist: Kim Char Meredith
Year/Label: 2003/independent

Review by Anne Deming

Well, I almost had a seizure just looking at the CD jacket. Green, yellow, black, orange — all assaulting the sense–I think my eyes are still crossed. One would think this was a poster for a traveling comedy troupe. Ah, but looks can be deceiving.

After repeated attempts to listen to this CD, I have to confess a frustration with multimedia development. Long story short, it’s an “enhanced CD” which plays video on PC or MAC so when popped into a computer you’re prevented from listening to the music while you surf through menus and web links to get to the songs — if you ever find them at all.

So, after no less than 4 tries I finally marched out to my car and jammed the stinker into my CD player and took a drive. It was pure stubbornness alone that made me listen to these songs, but I’m damn happy I did.

Kim Char is worth the wait. Her music borders on pop; extremely radio friendly and jam-packed with catchy lyrics and guitar riffs. Kim Char, however, is the CD’s best quality. She sings like Reba, her voice emotes; it drips with sensation. Make no mistake, she doesn’t sound like any other singer I can think of, but she deserves to be categorized with some hard-hitting rock stars.

Instead of simply sounding pretty, Kim Char uses her voice to create the story. If she decided to mumble her way through the CD, I have no doubt the listener would still be able to absorb the essence of her songs. Her music is funky and direct and–well–it pulses. Breathes. It’s alive. Now, let’s all say a quick prayer of thanks for independent music. Pause– Amen.

Posted on September 23, 2003

Track Listing
1. You Want In
2. Sunrise To Sunrise
3. Language of My Love
4. Mystery of You
5. Rumble and Hum
6. Take Me On The Road
7. If Only
8. Giving and Getting Better
9. Won’t Take It On
10. Fly

[ Kim Char Meredith Official Site]

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