Album Review: Going, Gone Dana Boulé

Album Name: Going, Gone
Artist: Dana Boulé
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Dana Boulé is a pianist who writes some amazing songs for this debut record. She also plays the accordion, which makes for a nice addition to the sound.

Right place, Wrong Time is likably quirky, with the accordion taking a nice part and Boulé’s vocals sounding intensely present. The theatrical bent reminds me pleasantly of Dresden Dolls.

Sorry chastises someone for thinking the word “sorry” will be enough to right wrongs made. Boulé’s piano playing is really exceptional here.

Tiger Song is soft and jazzy; Boulé’s tender side is well displayed here.

Unforgiven is a song where the accordion adds a cool touch to the sound, the singer’s delivery is sharp and the use of strings is accomplished. It’s one of those records that stay with the listener long after it’s finished playing.

Track Listing
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1 Go Away
2 Right Place, Wrong Time
3 Without You
4 Sorry
5 I Don’t Mind
6 Tiger Song
7 Avec Toi
8 25 Reasons
9 Be Mine
10 Unforgiven
11 Accidentally
12 Rainy Night

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