Album Review: Here She Comes a Tumblin’ by Birdeatsbaby


Album Name: Here She Comes a Tumbling
Artist: Birdeatsbaby
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Birdeatsbaby hail from Brighton and they play a kind of dark cabaret music that’s very appealing. Frontwoman Mishkin Mullaly has a captivating style.

I Always Hang Myself with the Same Rope sees Mullaly and the band perform a quirky and theatrical tune worthy of Dresden Dolls. Mullaly’s vocals are smoother than those of other divas in the genre, and it helps her stand out.

Shiver Up the Spine is equally good, and sees the singer use her piano in a fascinating way. The staccato tempo is compelling.

The title song starts with some accappella harmonies and it has an air of innocence that must be deceptive.

The next song has a weird but compelling sound; Mullaly’s vocals sound especially good here.

China Doll is a stunning song, the band playing like there’s no tomorrow. The sense of drama feels real rather then overstated thanks to Mullaly’s subtle delivery.

It’s a debut that can stand proudly as one of the best albums this year.

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Seventeen
3. I Always Hang Myself With the Same Rope
4. Shiver Up the Spine
5. Miserable Jim
6. Here She Comes a Tumblin’
7. Hymn
8. Jacqueline
9. China Doll
10. The Trouble…
11. Letter to Charlie

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