Album Review: High Society by The Silver Seas

Album Name: High Society
Artist: The Silver Seas
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This is really fun poppy music. Complete with hand claps, and lovely harmonies. It’s very rhythmic.

The first song, The Country Life, sounds a lot like Ben Folds to me. Especially when the harmonies kick in. I love Ben Folds so this is good. It’s piano based pop, though there is plenty of other stuff going on as well.

The record is pretty varied though, the songs do not all sound alike. Some even have a bit of a country twang (as on Catch Yer Own Train). But then even that song moves into a retro romp. Reminiscent of the Monkees or the like.

This is feel good music. Some of these songs have already made it onto mix CDs that I keep in my car. Who said the Mix Tape is dead? It’s just called the Mix CD now. I make them for my friends all the time. Whatever, I am a child of the ’70s-’80s, what can I say?

I love this; I wish I had more time to write more. While there isn’t a woman* to be found on this record, it’s definitely still on my best of list for 2007.

Stand outs: The Country Life, Imaginary Girl, We’ll Go Walking…and more….

*I generally review female musicians, but I do get a lot of “Guy” submits and sometimes I damn love ’em, this is one.

Note: I was in New Jersey in April 2008 and I heard The Country Life being played in the lobby. I was bopping along for a full minute before I realized this was one of “my” artists! Talk about random!

Posted on December 26, 2007

Track Listing
1. The Country Life
2. High Society
3. Ms. November
4. Imaginary Girl
5. She Is Gone
6. Catch Yer Own Train
7. Tativille
8. We’ll Go Walking
9. Hard Luck Tom
10. Dream Of Love
11. The Broadway Lights

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