Album Review: Home by Rosie Nimmo

Album Name: Home
Artist: Rosie Nimmo
Year/Label: 2011 / Kick My Heels Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Rosie Nimmo’s new album is a pleasant, folksy set of intimate songs with soft vocals.

Never Go Back is sort of like Kathryn Williams in its hushed, quiet way and is an instantly engaging opener.

Moonglow Music has a lazy, jazzy undertow that fits right in with Nimmo’s sweet vocals.

The End is a song of sad disappointment, though it sighs wearily instead of throwing tantrums. Nimmo’s vocals play well off the soft backing.

Low Blue Way is a sad little song, with a warm vocal.

It’s a lovely album through and through.

Track Listing
1. Never Go Back
2. Precious Mistakes
3. Moonglow Music
4. Life Can Pin You To The Wall
5. Timeclock
6. The End
7. Listen To Your Own Voice
8. Home
9. Being A Child Again (In The Snow)
10. Low Blue Way
11. Little Bird

[Rosie Nimmo Official Site]

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