Album Review: Hurricanes and Forget Me Nots by Delaney Gibson

Album Name: Hurricanes and Forget Me Nots
Artist: Delaney Gibson
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

I’ve reviewed Delaney Gibson’s likeable debut album and her second effort proves just as good. She’s firmly in the piano playing singer songwriter genre and she has real depth.

Paper Boats is just gorgeous and has a melody you will be humming for days.

Kill Me Now is a love song to make you weep, Gibson signing like an angel, to a simple yet effective tune.

Better Version of Me manages an up tempo tune with plenty of sass, Gibson’s normally winsome vocals acquire an edge here. It’s one of her best songs.

Happy New Year is a languid closing ballad that she manages well. She’s really made a fine album.

Track Listing
1. Paper Boats
2. La di da
3. Kill Me Now
4. Good Company
5. Careful
6. Better Version of me
7. Rain or shine
8. Dear John
9. Mexico
10. Happy New year

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