Album Review: I’m the Queen, You’re the Pauper by Moedog Darling

Album Information

Album Name:
I’m the Queen, You’re the Pauper

Moedog Darling

2007 / Independent

a Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Moedog Darling makes intelligent, breezy pop with a real twist to it.

Magic Number rests on barbed guitar and the singer’s deceptively sweet vocals.

In My Hands he’ll break features Darling speaking of power struggles in a relationship and with some of her best vocals.

Cannonball resembles Aimee Mann at her sweetest, Darling strumming her guitar nicely.
Her ability to make the smallest sounds count serves her well.

He’ll find his way is one of Darling’s sharp, stark songs that find her playing well.

Moedog Darling is indeed a queen.

Posted on May 6, 2008

Track Listing

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1 Moving Calls
2 Magic Number
3 The Countdown
4 In My Hands, He’ll Break
5 Road to You
6 Cannonball
7 Rolled in Paper, Wrapped in Rubberbands
8 He’ll Find His Way
9 Wake Up Soon
10 In the Garden
11 Heaven Bleeds Down
12 Peasant Boy
13 Once I am Home
14 I’ll Be

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