Album Review: I Am by Courtney C. Patty

Album Name: I Am
Artist: Courtney C. Patty
Year/Label: 2002 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Courtney C. Patty has put out a solid recording full of songs of hope, faith and love.

The song “Gate Called Beautiful” is a ‘look on the bright side’ song about dying. And “Slip Away” has a similar theme.

Courtney’s voice is reminiscent of Natalie Merchant at times but really is pretty distinctive. It’s rich and strong while at the same time having an almost child-like innocent quality.

Stand out songs for me are “Dare Me” which uses some dissonant chords for a seductive sound.

“Just Fine” has a nice staccato rhythm. This is probably by favorite track here.

The songwriting is smooth and catchy and the production is a tad sparse. This is a nice recording with a fun little hidden track at the end (I won’t spoil it by saying any more).

Posted on September 4, 2003

Track Listing
1. I Am
2. Return
3. At All Times
4. 19 Moons
5. Gate Called Beautiful
6. Sing
7. Desert Passage
8. Slip Away
9. Dare Me
10. Just Fine
11. Forgive Me

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Comments: 5 Stars
One of my favorite CDs in the past 5 years. A combination of wonderfully written songs, terrific voice and outstanding guitar playing. A real treat that I never tire of hearing. I also highly recommend seeing her live for a warm intimate and thoroughly satisfying evening of music. Our only complaint is that my wife is tired of hearing our kids sing Courtney’s song “I have a cold”.
~BD Weiner

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