Album Review: I Need to Love by Amy Lennard

Album Name: I Need to Love
Artist Name: Amy Lennard
Year/Label: 2008/Independent
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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

There’s a sort of new-pop-country vibe to Amy Lennard. It was starting to spring up on previous stuff, but it’s more pronounced here.

The first song, I Wish It Were Mine, is kind of cool, it’s catchy. It’s a good song about wanting what you don’t have (until you get it, then you want what you had or what someone else has). No wonder this song stood out to me…it was also on her EP, which I reviewed in 2005.

El Paso is also on both records. Funny that in my previous review, these are the two songs I liked the best and they both made it here.

She has kind of a deeper voice, not one you hear with country music much. And most people probably wouldn’t call her actual country. But she’d play well on country stations. She’s not Shania, but she’s more that than any other artist or genre, except maybe Sheryl Crow who is still sort of country to me now.

Intro/guitar part on Let Go reminds me very much of Sarah McLachlan’s Building a Mystery, but once she gets into it, it’s a completely different (and still good) song.

Anyway, the songs are well written, she has a nice voice, and this record will please many who enjoy this genre.

Track Listing
1. I Wish It Were Mine
2. You Inspire Me
3. Forever Tonight
4. I Can’t Change You
5. Broken
6. Let Go
7. Holy Night
8. El Paso
9. I Will
10. Dream

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