Album Review: If I Showed You by Tree Leyburn

Album Name: If I Showed You
Artist: Tree Leyburn
Year/Label: 2003 / Mystic Sister Records

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Review by Anne Deming

Move over Phish, there’s a new hippie in town.

To begin with, Tree Leyburn dedicates the CD to “the forest and places of nature” responsible for inspiring her music. Personally, I found that strange and sweet. Was this woman at Woodstock? Probably not, but she should have been. Joni Mitchell could have made a friend. But enough about the artist–llet’s talk music.

Listening to “If I Showed You” brought back imagery from 1965 peace rallies and flash back scenes in Forest Gump. I have to confess, it’s not my style, but I certainly hold Leyburn is high respects for writing such scenic stories and pulling focus from the chaos of the modern world back to basics, back to nature.

Her music is soothing, straightforward and seemingly effortless. “If I Showed You” is an honest composition of songwriting inspired by the world around us-or the world as it should be I guess.

While backed by a full band, Leyburn’s lyrics and vocals hover suspended over the music in a lovely display of balance. Her songwriting is at the forefront of the recording, never buried and always focused on beauty and simplicity.

Leyburn’s voice is primitive yet bold–reminiscent of Jim Morrison (well, maybe if Paul Simon was a woman and they had a secret love child). Most would not make the comparison but I get this very unadorned and earthy feeling when listening to the music. And I’m positive Leyburn would be thrilled with the comparison.

Posted on September 22, 2003

Track Listing
1. Dancing with Moonlight
2. Highway
3. Anything is Possible
4. If I Showed You Everything
5. The Blank Rune
6. New Year’s Angel
7. Wait and See
8. Engaged to a Stranger
9. New Mexico
10. Pick Up the Pieces
11. Personal Love
12. Tomorrow
13. I Have Walked on Fire

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