Album Review: Join Us by Katie Stelmanis

Album Name: Join Us
Artist: Katie Stelmanis
Year/Label: 2008 / Blocks Recording Club

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Katie Stelmanis has just released her debut and she’s definitely someone to take notice of.
She makes quirky yet accessible songs and sings like an angel.

The title song carries a strong tune and a rhythm that sets it apart from most things you’ll hear all year. The vocals dart around like restless moths.

“You’ll fall” is dark and airy like a song by Jane Siberry. Stelmanis powerful vocals soar to great heights.

“Heavens” is a dense, thumping track with an intense vocal.

“Natural Woman” is a cover of the Carole King song that closes the album. It’s as original as the rest of the album since she’s remade it in her own image.

Katie Stelmanis is a name to remember, she should go far.

Track Listing
1. In My Favor
2. Join Us
3. Broken
4. You’ll Fall
5. Steady
6. I’m Sick
7. Heavens
8. Roll
9. Harder Now
10. Natural Woman

[Katie Stelmanis Official Site]

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