Album Review: Journey by Douye

Album Name: Journey
Artist: Douye
Year/Label: 2008 / Betsy Blue Music & Floating World Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I have gone back and forth on my feelings about this record for the several months I’ve had it in my rotation. First listen I thought: Nice smooth sounds. Not really my thing personally, but she’s good. I went from that, to hearing a cheeseball factor in there (on The Voice…however, I listened again today and it’s fine. Go figure.)

Then I liked it again and she reminded me of Sade. So I guess what I can take from this is that it’s not all that consistent. Or maybe I am not.

Fly Away is pleasant and makes me think of nighttime in the city. I like this one more every time I hear it. It’s a good solid song with lovely vocals.

In Love With You is very nice. It’s so soothing. Couple times now this has caught my ear. This is another favorite. Very sexy. *Rawrrr*.

While the R & B genre isn’t my top choice, I like it sometimes if it’s done well, and I do like this for the most part. If you like the genre, check it out.

Track Listing

1 Fly Away
2 On For You
3 In Love With You
4 Journey
5 Still Hurting
6 Wicked World
7 Cold Wind Blows
8 Waiting For My Man
9 Walk Away
10 A Day In Paradise
11 The Voice

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