Album Review: Juno (soundtrack) by Various Artists

Album Name: Juno (Music from the Motion Picture)
Artist: Various Artists
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I will confess I still have not seen this movie. I want to, very much, but it’s very hard for me to get to movies in the theater. I have a very small window of time in which I can try to fit these in. Also, I have a screening room in the house and much prefer to watch films there than in a real theater with obnoxious people who talk and forget to turn their cell phones off. So I wait til things come out on DVD. I have a very healthy NetFlix account, however!

So I can’t really comment (with any authority) on how this soundtrack fits the film, but from what I have seen, it seems to quite nicely.

This is mainly a Kimya Dawson project though there are other artists here as well. It’s an interesting and eclectic mix of artists. Buddy Holly and Sonic Youth on the same record? But it works because it’s quirky just like everything else associated with the film.

Being a fan of Belle & Sebastian it’s nice to hear a couple of tunes from them.

I can live without some of the songs (the opening track comes to mind) but maybe if I had a nice memory of the film to go along with it, I’d feel differently.

Word has it that it was the film’s star, Ellen Page (whom I LOVED in Hard Candy) suggested Kimya Dawson for this project and I’m so glad that she did. The Moldy Peaches are a group that’s been flying under the mainstream radar for a long time now and it’s always nice to see talented people get the attention they deserve.

PS: just got word I’m likely going to see this at some point over the weekend, so I may write more then.

Posted on February 9, 2008

Track Listing
1. All I Want Is You Barry Louis Polisar
2. My Rollercoaster (Juno Film Version) Kimya Dawson
3. A Well Respected Man The Kinks
4. Dearest Buddy Holly
5. Up The Spout Mateo Messina
6. Tire Swing Kimya Dawson
7. Piazza, New York Catcher Belle & Sebastian
8. Loose Lips Kimya Dawson
9. Superstar Sonic Youth
10. Sleep (Instrumental) Kimya Dawson
11. Expectations (Remastered Version) Belle & Sebastian
12. All The Young Dudes Mott The Hoople
13. So Nice So Smart Kimya Dawson
14. Sea Of Love (Remastered Version) Cat Power
15. Tree Hugger Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants
16. I’m Stickng With You The Velvet Underground
17. Anyone Else But You Moldy Peaches
18. Vampire Antsy Pants
19. Anyone Else But You Michael Cera & Ellen Page

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