Album Review: Just that Beautiful by Ella G’ Sell

Album Name: Just that Beautiful
Artist: Ella G’ Sell
Year/Label: 2007 Talitha Koum Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

On the opening and title track, Just That Beautiful, she has kind of a cutesy, girly sound, vocally. But the music is pretty lush, sweepy.

Let the Sky is distinctly a stand out for me. It has more of a tribal rhythm to it. I picture someone dancing with scarves and barefoot. I can see this one being a big hit for her.

On Put it Down her voice is more deep, not so cutesy. The melody is interesting and memorable. It’s got sort of a Celtic Loreena McKennitt feel. This is probably my favorite track.

As mentioned previously, her voice can sound sweet and girly or deep and emotional. She has great range, both with the notes and with style in general.

The general sound is a bit new agey and dreamy: very lush, layered and gorgeous. I enjoy this stuff more and more and this record is a good representation of the genre. This is one that I will continue to listen to for some time even after the review is posted.

Just that Beautiful is just that (sorry, I had to do it).

Here’s her music video for the title track:

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1 Just That Beautiful
2 Come to Me
3 Let the Sky
4 Put It Down
5 Mr Starstruck
6 Worship
7 Repent
8 Loved By An Angel
9 Soul On Fire
10 Higher
11 I Bled
12 One-winged Angel

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