Album Review: Kiss of Life by Myriam G.S Mestiaen

Album Name: Kiss of Life
Artist: Myriam G.S Mestiaen
Year/Label: 2004 / Piece Unique Productions

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Myriam G.S Mestiaen is a capable pianist and on this album she approaches a style somewhat like that of a more prog-influenced Tori Amos.

Recycling Woman uses a sitar to create a unique and bedazzling sound as Mestiaen weaves her spell.

The Soul is Blind is soft and makes a rather soulful sound, and the lead vocal is seductive.

Myriam G.S Mestiaen also works in a subtle jazz influence throughout the album.

Hangover Blues is a little bit bluesy, but retains a sharp focus. The singer remains icily cool and doesn’t show the intensity that a proper blues singer would.

Quicksand is a jazzy slow song to end this complex album on a happy note.

This is an exceptional album by any standards.

Track Listing
1 Recycling Woman
2 Postcard
3 Artist’s Proof
4 The Soul Is Blind
5 Teach Me
6 Riverman
7 Kiss of Life
8 Hangover Blues
9 Today I’m Living
10 Waltz of Love
11 Quicksand

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