Album Review: La La grande Finale by Miou Miou

Album Name: La La grande Finale
Artist: Miou Miou
Year/Label: 2008 / Piper Records/ Minty Fresh

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Miou Miou is a Czech band tackling a tradition of pop by singing in French. Their airy and pleasant debut has now gotten a more international release, which is cool.

The singer Karolina Dyrtrova has a pleasant lilt to her voice an also plays a lot of instruments.

Le petit punk playfully celebrates punk but sounds like a pop song.

Dans le miroir de tes yeux reminds me of how the Cardigans used to sound. The melody is gorgeous.

Deja-vu is wonderful, the singer trilling bird-like as the band breezily back her.

Avant le voyage bears a slight resemblance to the lighter side of Stereolab, even if the singer is less chilly than Laettia Sadier.

It’s another winning pop moment by this likable and inventive band.

Track Listing

1. A l’ete de la Saint-Martin ’68 3:15
2. Le petit punk 2:44
3. Dans le miroir de tes yeux 2:47
4. La chambre voisine 2:19
5. Le Globe 3:53
6. Deja-vu 3:08
7. La coureuse de la nuit 2:37
8. Sublime 2:58
9. Le coup de ciseaux 3:45
10. La grande sucrerie 2:39
11. Summe Volume 4:34
12. Avant le voyage
13. Le Chaos 3:28

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