Album Review: Le Carrousel des Jours by Lo Polidoro

LO POLIDORO: Le Carrousel Des Jours

Album Name: Le Carrousel des Jours
Artist: Lo Polidoro
Year/Label: 2009 / Moboz Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Lo Polidoro is a French woman living in London and this is her second album of charming, dreamy songs.
She connects with the chanson tradition, but adds a contemporary slant.

Petite Lune is sort of sad, but in a fashion that never feels depressive. Polidoro sings like an angel to a soft melody.

La Juliette is the tale of an old woman accustomed to her daily routines, and the tune is dreamy and elegant. The use of strings never overshadows the tune, but compliments it nicely.

La Cinema de Pauline is a very nice song, with a sort of circus-like mood. Polidoro’s vocal is as ever lovely.

She is the only song sung in English and it’s very beautiful and appealing.

Polidoro’s music seems a little bit sixties chanson, but with more contemporary sounds. It’s a charming album to fall in love with and have as a soundtrack for nice times.

Track Listing
1 Ses Weekends
2 Petite Lune
3 Le Manege Des Tournesols
4 La Puce
5 La Juliette
6 Ainsi Va La Vie
7 Le Quai
8 Le Cinema De Pauline
9 Place Eliot
10 Le Tricycle De Simon
11 She
12 Marguerite
13 Le Carrousel Des Jours
14 L’eveil

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