Album Review: Let the Waves Come in Threes by Anna Dagmar

Album Name: Let the Waves Come in Threes
Artist: Anna Dagmar
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’ve reviewed Anna Dagmara few times in the past. I’ve always liked her simple style. By simple I mean there’s no fancy stuff, just great piano playing, pure voice that doesn’t rely on heavy production to sound good. There are other instruments, but…you know what I mean.

She has a bit of what I call ‘Muppet rock fever’ but I’ve come to expect that and enjoy it from her. There’s also a bit of Billy Joel-ish piano here. You can’t go wrong with that, with me.

The title song is really cool and theatrical. There’s also a bit of a celtic feel on the this one.

Smile For Free, Daydream, Shadow of a Doubt, and Can We Be Old Friends were also on her EP which made [my best of list in 2006]

Great record by a consistently great artist.

Track Listing
1. Let the Waves Come in Threes
2. Amazed
3. Welcome Stranger
4. We’re All Right Now
5. Smile for Free
6. Words Are Easy
7. Brick By Brick
8. Daydream
9. Shadow of a Doubt
10. Brown Trees
11. She’s Got It in Her Soul
12. Can We Be Old Friends?

[Anna Dagmar Official Site]

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