Album Review: Life Goes On by Linq

LINQ: Life Goes On

Album Name: Life Goes On
Artist: Linq
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed Linq’s previous album, [Fast Moving Dream] in 2006 and I remember being surprised at how rockin it was. This one is a little more bluesy.

Many of her songs on this and her previous album have a strong political message. Change the Picture most notably.

Ode to the Butterworth Boys is a nice and easy story song.

George Orwell Where Are You? is almost a dirge. A political dirge. Weirdly cool.

Linq’s is definitely a style you don’t hear every day. At least I don’t. In fact, when it was shuffling with other albums it was almost startling when a song of hers came on because it’s just soooo different. But listening to this album as a whole is the way to do it.

Different and interesting.

Track Listing
1. Where Will the Wild Ones Go
2. Change the Picture
3. Diversity Dance
4. Route 32 Blues
5. Ode to the Butterworth Boys
6. Life Goes On
7. George Orwell Where Are You?
8. SOS
9. Will You Care
10. Nothing Left to Give
11. Life Goes on Part 2

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