Album Review: Light this Candle by Project Mercury

Album Name: Light this Candle
Artist: Project Mercury
Year/Label: 2002 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds
Project Mercury is Marian Mastorilli and Charlene Donohue and friends. The music is described as rock, blues and folk.

The jazzy “Faded Leather” is a stand out for it’s syncopated rhythm and sultry vocals. Then they really rock out on “If I Was a Child” which plays just as well as the folkier stuff.

“Please Don’t” is a pretty song about a very un-pretty thing (a criminal, personal attack). A bit depressing. I just hope it’s not written from personal experience.

With “Champagne Afternoon” we get more bluesy with the help of a great guitar line. The lyrics are also cool here:

“Nicotine, marabou Violin, satin shoes Recipe for a champagne afternoon”

…then it just gets sexier.

This CD is good for someone looking for different styles on one recording and is a solid debut for this NY band.

Posted on November 19, 2002

Track Listing
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1.Family of Strangers
2. Enemy Lines
3. Faded Leather
4. At Palisades
5. If I Was a Child
6. Children At Play
7. Please Don’t
8. Then I Remember
9. Champagne Afternoon
10. How Did You Get Like That?
11. Light This Candle

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