Album Review: Limited Edition Basement Tapes by Lourds

Album Name: Limited Edition Basement Tapes
Artist: Lourds
Year/Label: 1999 / Visceral Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

The stylish singer/violinist Lourds can both rock fiercely and soothe the soul.

The anthemic “I’m a Queen” has Lourds singing confidently and playing her instrument with verve.

“Weak” is more conventional but still a long way from the ordinary. Lourds’ powerful voice gets to work out here.

The soft “That Girl” shows her more sensitive side. Its heartbreaking lyrics of weakness and recovery will resonate with many listeners.

The lusty “Kiss me Kiss me” vibrates with positive energy.

“A Simple Prayer” has an eerie mood that suits Lourds fine.

“The Circus Song” is appealingly weird and cute with it.

It’s a stunning and vibrant debut that is not to be missed. Lourds is a true star.

Posted on August 9, 2003

Track Listing
1. I’m A Queen
2. Soothsayer Lies
3. Weak
4. That Girl
5. Kiss Me, Kiss Me
6. Broken
7. Here I Am
8. Sunrise
9. A Simple Prayer
10. The Circus Song
11. The Waking Hour
12. What Are You Doing Right Now
13. Snaggletooth
14. 2000

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Rating: 5 Stars Lourds rocks my world.
~Karen Lynn Boyle

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