Album Review: Little Extremes by Lori Lynner

Album Name: Little Extremes
Artist: Lori Lynner
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Lori Lynner’s debut opens with the Arabic-tinged “Habit” as she sings of someone who wants to escape a lover. Her strong voice gets my attention immediately. It’s like one of Alanis’ songs from her second album.

“The Mundane Hour” laments the tedium of everyday life and longs for escape. Lynner sings it powerfully and the songs divided into three parts like a modern rock opera.

“If I lost you” is a sad ballad with some clever words.

“I’d carry on if I lost you
finally let my bad side prevail
I might discover a talent for larceny
Without your goodness to inspire me”

…she sings. Her vocal is feisty like a latter-day Bonnie Raitt.

“Kick of Desire” is a dramatic song with some terrific singing.

The closing “Looking for the Missing” is a gentle, poppy moment.

This is a versatile debut from the gifted Lynner.

Posted on November 29, 2004

Track Listing
1. Habit
2. The Mundane Hour (parts 1,2,3)
3. Statue Girl
4. If I Lost You
5. Lifetime Supply of Love
6. What If I
7. Kick of Desire
8. Tranquilizer Gun
9. All That Remains
10. Looking for the missing

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