Album Review: Live in Concert by Victoria Lynn

Album Name: Live in Concert
Artist: Victoria Lynn (Schultz)
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

There is some confusion on my part. Her press kit calls her Victoria Lynn Schultz. Her CD says only Victoria Lynn and her website is Victoria Schultz. I think it might be a good idea if she and her people decide what her name is so that people can remember it.

That aside, this is a beautiful recording of harp and vocal music. I’ve always had a fondness for the harp (it even prompted me to buy the new Joanna Newsome CD, but that’s another review). It’s such a beautiful instrument, both looking and sounding.

When I was little I told me mom I wanted to play the harp and she told me that it was really difficult to learn and that it was too big for me. It’s OK, I’m sure it was a fleeting notion and I really was a very small child. But I can certainly enjoy the sound from afar. There’s something about it that sounds so magical.

This is mostly an instrumental CD however there are some operatic vocals on a few tracks. I don’t see the info on the CD so I assume that it’s Victoria singing. Whoever it is has a lovely voice. It’s not my favorite vocal style, but the singer is very talented.

Victoria has toured with The Chieftains and has performed with Josh Groben and Clay Aitkin (though not necessarily together).

This is a wonderful CD for either a dinner party or for just relaxing and listening to every little breath of her harp. Simple and beautiful.

Posted on January 18, 2006

Track Listing
Renaissance Harp
1. Siciliana
2. Dance
3. Tout cede a vos doux appas (with voice)
4. Salterello en Rondeau needs that ‘D’ in Rondeau
5. Bianco Fiore
6. All In a Garden Green
7. Ah! qu’il fait beau (with voice)

Irish Harp
8. Nobody’s Gigge
9. Down by the Sally Gardens
10. Carrickfergus (with voice)
11. Sheebag and Sheemore / Fanny Power
12. On and On (with voice)
13. Foggy Dew
14. Danny Boy (with voice)
15. Kathleen Ashore
16. Cockles and Mussels (with voice)

Original Works
17. Mystic Waters
18. Whisper Dreams

Celtic Suite
19. Avalon Myste
20. Glenaire
21. Heather Dance
22. MackIntosh Gigge / Celtic Journey

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