Album Review: Lonesome Sunbeam by Jen Clapp

JEN CLAPP: Lonesome Sunbeam

Album Name: Lonesome Sunbeam
Artist: Jen Clapp
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Jen Clapp has release an album filled with pretty pop/folk music.

Her style is not unlike Dar Williams, and other folkies like her especially on Believe in Me, which really reminds me of Dar.

She’s got a bit of a twang too, most noticeable on Might Have Moved On and the title track Lonesome Sunbeam.

The melodies are easy and comfortable as is Jen’s voice.

Icy Windows is a standout. I have noticed it several times. It’s got a nice haunting quality. I’d say it’s probably my favorite song here.

Voodoo Baby is a fun poppy number with a catchy chorus.

It’s a lovely record that fans of the genre will no doubt appreciate.

Track Listing
1 On Seven Stones
2 Lonesome Sunbeam
3 Photograph
4 Last Ride
5 Tenderheart
6 Icy Windows
7 Up In Smoke
8 Might Have Moved On
9 Voodoo Baby
10 Believe in Me

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