Album Review: Long Sleeve Story by Devon Sproule

Album Name: Long Sleeve Story
Artist: Devon Sproule
Year/Label: 2000 / Three World Records

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Review by Digman

So sing to me (and sing she does) a Long Sleeve Story. Bold, sassy and Poetry! The stuff that songs are made of.

Metaphorically speaking, Devon Sproule’s voice can be divided into three categories: peaches and words, devil’s food cake and the taste… of Halloween (candy). With just enough musical-skeleton (the instrumental structure) to shake, rattle and soul, Long Sleeve Story is a journey into the elements and embellishments of Devron’s vocal skill. Produce by Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band) with out-standing performances by John D’Earth – Trumpet, David Saull – Bass, and Nate Brown, (a drum-roll please)- Drums, it is (she is) a musical- aphrodisiac… administered to the ears!

So browse by category listed below, in no poetic order. And don’t stop until the clock (CD), plays the hidden track – Thirteen!

It’s “Better At Night”, she sings and writes, “A Long Sleeve Story”. It’s “What I’m Used To” she says… and at “25MPH” her music sings, like a “Fast Statue” story.

It’s “Way Up There” beyond the “Bird Feeder” – “The View From Mt. Holyoke”.

So “Keep Light” and “Let Me In On It”… After all, “She’s not here” and I need to be, “Sleep Satisfied”, which in musical connotation, means: I have “Swamp Love” fever!

Long Sleeve Story was recorded at “Haunted Hollow” Charlottesville, Virginia (scary isn’t it?). Mastered by the witchcraft of Matt Murman and mixed by Ryan, Stefan and Joe!

Posted on May 3, 2002

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. 25 mph
2. Sleep Satisfied
3. What I’m used to
4. Fast Statue
5. Better At Night
6.Keep Light
7.Way up There
8. She’s Not Here
9. Let Me In On It
10. Long Sleeve Story
11. Swamp Love
12. Bird Feeder
13. (hidden track) The View From Mt. Holyoke

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