Album Review: Love Ire and Song By Frank Turner

Album Name: Love Ire and Song
Artist: Frank Turner
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Frank Turner has been compared (favorably) to Billy Bragg and that was enough to make me check him out. I’d say he’s not quite as English or as edgy and certainly not as political as Bragg (who is, really?) but the comparisons are there.

He does sing with an accent and the music is punchy lo-fi (at times) and very toe-tapping. I like the addition of the backing singers that mostly sing in unison and sound like they’re in a bar.

This is definitely fun music. I dare you to try and keep still while listening.

He’s also got a way with words. Some of his lyrics are hilarious, all of them clever.

I really like the last track, the Ballad of Me and My Friends. It’s a live track and it’s fun to see what he’d be link in concert, which I’m sure is amazing.

Substitute is another favorite. It’s a little more folky and the melody is infectious. I love this lyric:

If music was the food of love then I’d be a fat romantic slob…music was my substitute for love…

…I hear ya, Frank.

Track Listing
01. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
02. Reasons Not to be an Idiot
03. Photosynthesis
04. Substitute
05. Better Half
06. Love Ire & Song
07. Imperfect Tense
08. To Take You Home
09. Long Live the Queen
10. A Life Worth Keeping
11. St. Christopher is Coming Home
12. Jet Lag
13. Thatcher Fucked the Kids
14. The Ballad of Me and My Friends

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