Album Review: Love is a Special Way of Feeling by Angi West


Album Name: Love is a Special Way of Feeling
Artist: Angi West
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Angi West’s new album shows she has the voice of an angel and knows how to use it. She sounds like Victoria Williams channelling Jane Siberry and her style is quite eccentric.

Some Speed circles round that breathtaking voice and make it work fine. The melody is just gorgeous.

Lucy and Linnea is spooky avant-garde, impeccably sung and edging into the classical terrain. It’s clear that West is really someone special.

Let Them Sleep is acapella and shows off the singers great voice. She’s certainly a firebrand on this gospelly number.

Brand new Face has some hair rasping harmonies and is a neat folksy track.

Carter’s Song is a gorgeous piano-led ballad and we tend to like those round here.

I’m sure Angi Wets could reach many with this fabulous album.

Track Listing
01. Your hands
02. Same Speed
03. Lucy And Linnea
04. For The Lover
05. No One 4:46
06. Let Them Sleep
07. One Hand 3:10
08. Brand New Face
09. Carter’s Song
10. I’ll Wait
11. Home In Heaven

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