Album Review: Lucky Penny by Julia Francis

Album Name: Lucky Penny
Artist: Julia Francis
Year/Label: 2008 / No Shrinking Violet
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I’d say Julia Francis’ sound is mostly Americana/folksy. But it’s more than just girl and guitar. There’s a bunch of other stuff going on. There are some slidy guitars and solid, deliberate rhythms.

The opening track, “Don’t Forget” has deep twang. The best kind!

She has an interesting voice. It’s almost conversational. But then on ‘The Unconquered’ it goes all PJ Harvey on me. I have this record in shuffle with others that I am reviewing at the moment and every time this song comes on it stops me whatever I am doing.

Her voice also stands out to me on ‘Book From the Year’

‘The Ladybug’ is also a stand out for me. It’s a nice folksy song with a catchy melody and rhythm.

I like her lyrics and appreciate her humor. She’s not hilarious/comedian-like, but clever enough to make you smile.

She seems very cool when reading her bio. A real California girl. All sun tan and positive disposition.

*side note: this song and phrase reminds me of my friend Jo who can be a little ditzy (super smart, just goofy) and accidentally once said “Now you’re cookin’ with heat!” so of course we say it all the time now.

Track Listing
Listen to track samples while you read
1 Don’t Forget
2 You Haul
3 The Unconquered
4 Instant Karma
5 Lucky Penny
6 Book From the Year
7 The Ladybug
8 Vieux Carre
9 Cookin’ With Gas*
10 The Day the Squirrel Stood Still
11 A Walk in the Park

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