Album Review: Mansion of Happiness by Sarah Noni Metzner

Album Name: Mansion of Happiness
Artist: Sarah Noni Metzner
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Sarah Noni Metzner plays a variety of instruments on this album and achieves a bright, yet complex sound.
She has the vocal dexterity one might expect of better-known names.

Leave the Light On is a sonically interesting song, with lots of deft touches in the production. Metzner’s vocals are strong and supple.

Perfect Satellite gracefully spins out a piano ballad, with some elegantly placed strings.

Someday I Will suggests she’s a strong artist, slowly building towards a delicate yet powerful song. She does the piano and voice thing so well.

The lovely Fallen Queen has a hint of a folksy flavor, which works just fine.

This is a beautiful album.

Track Listing
1 Beautiful and Crazy
2 Leave the Light On
3 Perfect Satellite
4 Make a Change
5 Destiny
6 Someday I Will
7 Don’t Open Your Eyes
8 Hillary Walks
9 It Finally Does
10 Say to That
11 Fallen Queen
12 Weightless
13 See My Breath

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