Album Review: Map of the World by Kathleen Sabo

Album Name: Map of the World
Artist: Kathleen Sabo
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Kathleen Sabo’s music is pleasant, but not without bite and precision.

Opener Hey Jimmy! sees her pen a soft song with some sharp words about love. Her vocals re utterly gorgeous and the nod to Joni Mitchell seems intentional.

Flow is a gorgeous piano ballad that sees pianist Robert Fulller adding some nice parts. Sabo’s vocals are right on the money.

Unbowed has a sensual groove as Sabo sings of an indomitable spirit. Her portrait of a working mother is sensitive and sharp, even as she exposes the cracks in the woman’s façade.

Buy Local has a strong message, and gets it across well. Sabo tries to get attention to environmental issues and avoids the traps this might lead too. Her soft voice is just right for the song.

It’s a warm and moving record all told.

Track Listing
1. Hey Jimmy!
2. Map of the world
3. Flow
4. Fuel for the Fire
5. Unbowed
6. Roots
7. The only one
8. As above, so below
9. Cravings
10. Buy Local
11. Some People

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