Album Review: Marveling the While by The Starlings

Album Name: Marveling the While
Artist: The Starlings
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed and enjoyed Joy Mills album, Rabblerouser back in 2003. Now Joy has teamed up with Tom Parker to become The Starlings.

While I remember liking it, I don’t remember her previous record being real true country, but I’d say this one is. It’s very twangy. But in this case it works for me. I have just placed some other CDs in the “not going to do” pile because they were too country and twangy for my tastes. But for some reason this one is still cool in my eyes/ears.

Maybe it’s that the songs are well written and don’t all sound the same. Alike, yes, because they are of a specific genre, but same, no. It all kind of has a back porch, down home feel. Quite comforting.

Favorite Song really stuck out to me, so I guess it’s aptly named!

Ghost Town is really cool too. It’s got a fun rhythm and makes good use of minor notes.

This is great on record, but I imagine it would be even better live; when you can feel the vibe more closely.
Posted on April 18, 2008

Track Listing
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1 Love & War
2 Empty Boxcar
3 Geraldine
4 Wild Child
5 Honey Creek
6 If I’d Ever Change
7 Bluebird
8 Silver Thread
9 Favorite Song
10 Iowa
11 Back to the Land
12 Ghost Town
13 Darkest Hour of Night

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