Album Review: Mess You Up by by Beth Boucher

Album Name: Mess You Up
Artist: Beth Boucher
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Beth Boucher’s debut is a very strong one. This is a very catchy and instantly likeable recording. The songs are radio friendly without being boring, they have interesting melodies and rhythms and Beth’s voice is very nice. She knows how to write a good solid pop song.

She’s also gotten some help from some well-known and respected musicians, Kurt Swinghammer (on Ani DiFranco’s label, Righteous Babe Records) and Luke Doucet (who used to play with Sarah McLachlan).

“Elusive Thing” is a strong start to this CD and a good indicator of things to come.

“Gimme Some Time” has some cool electric guitar parts reminiscent of Chris Isaak’s music. It’s a great song about just checking out for a while, which we’d all like to do at times.

“Gimme some time to think
Gimme a week, a shrink
Order Me Room service and hold all my calls
I don’t wanna answer email
I just wanna sit in my little jail cell
Stew about it,
Stew about it for awhile.”

The title track “Mess You Up” is an upbeat humorous song about getting to know someone new. Clever lyrics, happy beat, great song.

The last song on the CD, “The Fight” is a slow and pretty ballad that helps to wind the listener down a bit, which is a nice way to end a recording.

Beth Boucher is a talented woman and this is a CD worth listening to.

Posted on December 15, 2002

Track Listing
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1. Elusive Thing
2. Gimme Some Time
3. Unstamped
4. Mess You Up
5. Intro To Acting
6. Buried Down
7. Glass
8. How Long
9. Frozen
10. The Fight

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