Album Review: Metropolitan by Atomica

Album Name: Metropolitan
Artist: Atomica
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Atomica is Wade Alin, Lauren Cheatham & Percy Trayanov. This is a lot of sound coming out of three people. Metropolitan is a very atmospheric record. At times it seems they are channeling Portishead. Lead singer, Lauren Cheatham’s voice even sounds like Beth Gibbons sometimes, especially on “Bittersweet”.

On “One Day In New York City” her voice comes in quietly distorted in the lower corner of my right ear. The first time I heard it I almost turned around because it felt like there was someone behind me.

Atomica makes lovely, layered, atmospheric, dream pop. These songs are very melodic for this genre. Usually bands such as this tend to rely too much on the toys they’re working with and less on actual songwriting. Not so for this band. The melodies are enchanting and haunting. But the toys make lovely sounds as well.

This is a great trip-hop, dreamy pop record.

Posted on September 14, 2005

Track Listing
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1. One Day In New York City
2. Delorian
3. Larsen
4. Salt
5. Recent
6. Quiver
7. Bittersweet
8. Sorrow
9. Pollen
10. Gun
11. Worry

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