Album Review: Micromania by Corkskrew

Album Name: Micromania
Artist: Corkskrew
Year/Label: 2003 / Fretbuzz Ltd

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Corkskrew hail from Malta, but they don’t sound like it. Their sound is a lot like Garbage’s. The smooth voice of Diane Micallef suits their music fine.

“Another Day” might have wandered off Garbage’s latest album. It’s that catchy and dark all at once. Diane Micallef has the right rock siren delivery too.

“Pop Lolly” is quirky and sonically aggressive.

“Simple Intent” is a sweet ballad that shows the tenderness of Micallef’s voice and the bands gift for arranging songs.

“On My Mind” is a lovely pop song with a plaintive feel.

All in all “Micromania” is a promising debut from a gifted band.

Posted on March 12, 2003

Track Listing
1. Never
2. Slap Me
3. Another Day
4. Super Star
5. Pop Lolly
6. Manic
7. Simple Intent
8. Spyro Gyra
9. On My Mind
10. Lilliputian Doll
11. Material Things
12. Love & Paradise
13. ’13’
14. One in a Million

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