Album Review: Mirrors and Folly by Lucy Child

Album Name: Mirrors and Folly
Artist: Lucy Child
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Lucy Child’s debut is a strong record from the onset. She has a strong voice and her songs are up to the task. Cellist Julia Kent joins her for this effort alongside other talented people.

Back to the Mojave is a delicate piano-led ballad with a distinct Kate Bush influence raising its head. So much the better I think.

Whispering is just beautiful and has an inherent drama despite being relatively quiet. Child’s vocals are just gorgeous here.

Dusk is so lovely and dark it makes for a strong song as Child sings of trying to hold on to the light. The piano is just stunning here.

Steppin’ Out is vaguely poppy and holds significant power. Child’s vocals do a nice job here.

Her album’s really special and deserves to be heard by many.

Track Listing
1. Naked Eye
2. Back to the Mojave
3. Whispering
4. The Pendulum
5. Dusk
6. White Light
7. Once
8. Steppin’ Out
9. Handles Surrender

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