Album Review: Modern Day Eve by Shannon Cutts

Album Name: Modern Day Eve
Artist: Shannon Cutts
Year/Label: 2003 / Eve Records

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Indie Artist Review by Sonia Vannest @ The Spirit Radio

Shannon Cutts tells it like it is when it comes to being a girl in the present day with her brand new release, “Modern Day Eve”. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with Shannon’s artsy-Celtic-new country style which blends the modern folk of “Jewel” with an Irish Celtic flavor like “The Coors” along with the artistic pop flair of fellow piano players “Vanessa Carlton” & “Tori Amos”. Shannon is a complete package: piano playing singer/songwriter with oodles of natural talent. Shannon’s message on this project speaks to a generation of modern day followers dealing with modern day situations and the need to be real with the Heavenly Father. Contradictory to most pop projects, Shannon wears her heart on her sleeve with this intimate offering. You won’t find any “formulated pop songs”; Shannon goes deeper.

Unlike most mainstream projects, “Modern Day Eve” supplies an abundance of material that is worthy to be commented on. Aside from being very well produced by MD Thompson, Shannon’s songs are strong and beautiful in artistic expression. She is a vocalist who holds her own amid the top female vocalists in CCM. There are no Pro-tools pitch correction tactics anywhere on this project. What you hear is the real thing; a pure angelic voice of this Modern Day Eve. The project offers beautiful string work and celestial bgv’s which theme throughout on several songs.

Although several of the songs tend to lean more toward a new country sound by this sweet Texas girl, Shannon shows her strength and personality as an artist on the more pop-driven songs. Among the top picks, are my number one recommendation, “You Make Me Believe”, which has an awesome r & b vocal intro “Out of Eden” style followed by a great pop-groove similar to “Watermark” with a pop hook that snags you hook, line & sinker – probably the strongest pop-worthy tune on the album. “A Different Girl” is a great upbeat pop-rock song describing one girl’s journey to the new woman she now is in Christ as she reflects “a different life, a different girl” – great additional production elements with electronic voices which keep the tempo and intensity going throughout the song. The title track “Modern Day Eve” is a piano driven ballad reminiscent of Tori Amos which is so beautifully expressed lyrically & vocally. Here, Shannon’s vocals are crystal clear and intimate. The songwriting is strongest on this one. “Hold Me Teach Me” has a more modern rock flavor with the guitar arrangements as well as familiar pacing & melody like some songs we’ve heard & loved by Margaret Becker. “Strong Like You” gets you with the Madonna-esque “Don’t Tell Me” guitar intro and modern country flair throughout the song – great bgv’s mid-end in the song that break down like “The Coors” tight harmonies. “Isn’t Life Wonderful” which was inspired by Shannon’s pappy, borders almost on the expressions of Michelle Tumes & Enya with rich & smooth vocals, orchestral programming & celestial keyboard voices which envelope you & leave you floating. It’s a great meditation piece that awakens you by kicking into rhythm with Michelle Branch style guitars as the song progresses. The simple but beautiful piano ballad “And Now I Offer To You” is Shannon’s most sincere worship offering on the project. From the humble and intimate heart of one who is looking face to face, not trying to hide the truth of who she is before God’s presence, but admitting all she is, Shannon’s lyrics are real and transparent as she confesses “the child, the skeptic who knows everything, a broken heart, and pride…” – very well put.

Overall, “Modern Day Eve” is a very intimate and down-to-earth project which has a sincere realness to it – no empty headed or flashy bubblegum pop fluff, but a very thought provoking collection for the listener in pensive mood.

Sonia Vannest
Indie Artist Review March 2003

Posted on November 25, 2003

Track Listing
1. God So Loved
2. Lift Me Up (Mighty Awesome God)
3. A Different Girl
4. Hold Me Teach Me
5. Hey Do You Know Me
6. You Make Me Believe
7. Modern Day Eve
8. Walk To A Different Beat
9. Strong Like You
10. And Now I Offer To You
11. Tangled Up
12. Isn’t Life Wonderful

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