Album Review: Mooniture by Anna Atkinson

Album Name: Mooniture
Artist: Anna Atkinson
Year/Label: 2012 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Anna Atkinson makes thoughtful, lovely music on this album. The opening title song is dreamy and reminds me of Sarah McLachlan early on.

Only a Fiddle is a slow yet tense song that she handles well. Her vocals are utterly gorgeous.

Lucybelle is a song that flirts with a cabaret feel, and does so well. The lyrics about daring to live a little are fun.

The closing Days like Cinnamon is a fitting way to end the album. The piano ballad has scope and range, and the vocals are lovely.

It’s a fabulous album all told.

Track Listing
1. Mooniture
2. Old Man Song
3. Only a Fiddle
4. Careful, My Dear
5. E Minor Waltz
6. Lucybelle
7. Hushabye
8. Intermission
9. All We Have to Do
10. Days Like Cinnamon

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