Album Review: Mr. Sun by Jude Johnstone

Album Name: Mr. Sun
Artist: Jude Johnstone
Year/Label: 2008 / BoJak Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I have been reviewing Jude Johnstone’s music for many years. Each release has been a treat. This is no exception. This woman can write a fantastic song and her voice is like an old friend.

Mr. Sun is a jazzy number and a good opener for the record. In fact, this release may be more jazzy than previous ones. Think more: jazz club with foo-foo drinks rather than experimental jazz.

Don’t Tell Me that it’s Over is a stand out for me. It’s almost theatrical (people sometimes think I mean that disparagingly, but I swear, that’s a compliment coming from me.) It’s very emotional.

Echoes of Blue has me picturing her standing on stage in a small dark club wearing a long dress and singing into a stand up mic. Ahh, the horns. Mmmm…. Lovely.

Winding Back My Heart, is another really great one.

There honestly isn’t a dull track on this great release.

Track Listing
1 Mr. Sun
2 Over Easy
3 Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over
4 Echoes of Blue
5 Sunday Evening
6 When My Ship Comes In
7 Baby, Don’t You Call My Name
8 So Bad
9 Winding Back My Heart
10 The Light of Day
11 One For Us

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